Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm so humbled and honored to be the ThetaMom Community Featured Blogger today! (I've always wished, hoped, SO wanted to be the Featured Blogger and today I get my chance!) So hello to my fellow Theta Mom Community bloggers....I'm so glad you're here. I look forward to new connections and conversations. And to my returning readers, if you haven't checked out Heather's ThetaMom Community, you should. Right now.

I've written about it here. And here. And here. Apparently, I write about it a lot. Those of you who read frequently might even be getting a tad bit tired of it. But...

I keep coming back to it. Now. Being here. I, like Dani Shapiro, ache to be "held in the infinite arms of the present".

This moment. Living in the body of this space...and not yesterday's space, or tomorrow's or even the last minute's. I'm tripping and stumbling through my nascent, but ardent, attempts to live presently. The questions dance: How do I plan for the future while basing myself in the now? If I'm still angry about something from yesterday, how do I reconcile the power of my emotions (which serve a powerful purpose) with the call of the present? Am living in the past as I carry yesterday's anger with me, or is the anger guiding me through the topography of my psyche, unveiling twisty, hidden routes which crave exploration?

More questions than answers. But I reach, slip and humbly keep returning to my touchstone of Now.