Friday, May 21, 2010


One recent May day, the jet streams brought tumultuous winds with their ancient rhythmic dance. Invisible. Powerful. Significant. Woeful. Wind. Its wild call spoke to me. What was I supposed to hear? Something...meaningful. The gusts were so forceful. I stopped.


The omnipotent wind understood that I need a push. Swoooooosh. Coursing, pulsing, pushing me...

but where?

Where should I ride these winds, so boisterous and bold? Was I supposed to know? Where are they hinting, suggesting? Why, on this day, did they push so vehemently?

The congruence of the west winds, pulsing and calling my follies out to play. As if ordained and scripted solely for me. Forcing my latent dreams up, up and out...until they floated in the stratosphere with the colliding jet streams.

My lungs filled.
My heart thumped.
My soul lifted.
My dreams soared.
My brain questioned.

Brilliant pure white clouds illuminated by the sunlight, piercing the space between me and the royal blue open.

Open, it seemed, to anything I dared throw at to absorb all. Challenging me, daring me, encouraging me, pleading with me...


Coursing. The wind blew so hard that as I inhaled it, I imagined bringing in air that had just left Minnesota. The gale-force wind pushed through my yard and sliced into me, lifting me. Blowing my norms and sensibilities into submission; allowing alliances with novelties, which, on second examination, were actually old, familiar thoughts, stretching after years of dormancy.


Then I pulled back, awash in myopic shame, guiltily wondering how I could be so audacious as to believe this wind, and its unbridled energy, visited just for me. But the wind just pushed more.

A cloud sprinted. The wind shook the sky's colors into an explosion of every possible, perfect blue. The wind staked claim to the sky's effervescent splendor.

All day, pounding. All day, wondering. And finally knowing: I could finally interpret its wild call: "Be here, Denise. Soak in this exact moment. Right now." A physical, tangible talisman of right now.


Aging Mommy said...

I feel that way about the sea - we do not live near the sea any more sadly, but whenever I am by the sea it stirs up a lot of emotions and taking a walk and listening to waves pounding has me thinking deep thoughts. The elements, they are so great.

Lovely, well written post

Anonymous said...

How I LOVED spoke to me quite nicely as I sit on my porch reading blogs, listening to the rustle of leaves (which I so adore) and feeling the warmth of the sun. There is beauty in right now if we only stop to feel it.

alita said...

WOW! ok I'll say that again. W-O-W! one more time... WOW.

Your writing is so poignant. The reader (me) felt the same things, but to put those thoughts to words is just simply divine. The air seemed to be almost edible in nature; as in I'm hungry to read more.

Loved it! LOVED IT! L-O-V-E-D it!

Mayhem and Moxie said...

You are utterly amazing, Denise. I have long believed that there is a difference between bloggers and writers. You, my friend, fall into the latter category.

Amazing post!