Monday, July 19, 2010

Five Fabulous Bloggers

A belated thank you to Courtenay at IASoupMama for sharing The Versatile Blogger award with me! The guidelines for accepting this award require me to (1) thank the person who gave it to me; (2) share seven things about myself; and (3) pass the award on to 5 bloggers whom I've recently discovered and think are fantastic.

So, here goes:
Courtenay, you humbled me with your kind words about my writing. I enjoyed your Piddling at the Pool post--highlights your frank and funny style. Thank you!!

Seven things about me? Well....
1. My hair is really curly--it's like having a built-in barometer on my head. Sweet. (And, for the record, try as I might to embrace my crazy mane, I still want Sienna-Miller-Gwenth-Paltrow-silky-straight-always-predictable hair.)
2. I adore my navy blue minivan, aka My Living Room on Wheels.
3. I still struggle with self-confidence. I find it interesting that I'm trying to instill inherent confidence in my daughter while my own seems to waver and plunge so easily. I guess we teach that which we need to learn.
4. Many days I don't wear my engagement ring.
5. I know I've got a book in of my biggest dreams is to get it out of me and into book stores...
6. Every time I see the ocean, she throws up her arms and we embrace.
7. I have a Life Coach. She is one of the best investments I've ever made in myself.

And now for Five Fabulous Bloggers...
1. Christine at Coffees and Commutes. I adore reading about her journey and exploration of self. Her writing is exquisite.
2. I found Stacey's Is There Any Mommy Out There through a tweet. I read this blog post and it will forever be with me. And once I read that one post, I was hooked.
3. Lindsey at A Design So Vast. Her writing helps me realize that which I, too, need to savor, figure and enjoy. Her words are powerful and motivating. She doesn't like me to say so, but she's one of my idols (in her humble graciousness, she'd prefer me to think of her as a friend. Which, of course, I do).
4. Jen and Sarah at Momalom. These two sisters host this amazing writing extravaganza called Five for Ten. Five for Ten inspired me to write in ways I hadn't yet AND it connected me to some wonderful bloggers. And they can both really, really write. (And they host the !!! Project...which I keep meaning to join...And BTW, Jen and Sarah, I know you're each your own person--sorry for the lump together here...)
5. Launa at Wherever Launa Goes There She Is. I met Launa through Five for Ten. She gently takes my hand and leads me through her thoughts and stories.