Sunday, May 16, 2010


A craving. A guttural need to satisfy. A flutter...of anticipation. A deep inhalation.

Heart beat quickens and pulse complies.

So close. So close. So cloooooooooooose.
I'm almost there.

I reach into the dark, hidden corner of the kitchen cupboard. Stealthy, I find the bag. I tear off the wrapper. Hello small, dark and handsome. How YOU doin'? I place the dark chocolate on my tongue. Oh it's so good. I close my eyes and savor but then devour. I silently give thanks that my world is one that includes large doses of dark chocolate.

I'm. Submerged. In. Chocolate. Ecstasy.

(Part of Momalom's FiveforTen. Today's topic is LUST...Blush. Sigh.)