Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Doing It Anyway

I just discovered a new site yesterday, Momalom. They're hosting this great movement, Five for Ten Again. You write a post on the topic they serve up. Participation, for me, was a must. And, thanks to their inspiration, I give you my thoughts on the first topic, Courage.

A new school, anonymous faces, gripped hands holding wildly, deriving strength from one known, staunch journeyman.

A racist comment lobbed. A contrary, heavy stare returned, words spoken to challenge and usurp the ignorant thought. The bigot walks, questioning the interaction...no longer accepting their narrow view as THE truth.

oh-so-sweet-and-red, quivering lip boldly walking into preschool, alone, despite the gorge of tears threatening their descent.

An unleashed dream, finally spoken to the universe.

Openly listening to an opinion that is the polar opposite of yours.

Sending my children into the world, each day, and hoping that our time together continues, yet not knowing ...

Speaking the truth. Word following word, each small piece building on the next. Telling the rank, puss-filled, painful truth.

Love. Diving into this divine, treacherous territory, not knowing how the story ends.

Mea Culpa. Admitting fault, assuming responsibility. "I'm sorry" is courageous, each and every time.

So big. Courage arrives in bold swaths of action. It also resides in the small bits. Looming chances. Microscopic opportunities lauding, requiring vast depths of courage. Days, seemingly rote, suddenly turn and necessitate a quick pull from the courage reserves. And when pulled upon, the unwitting owner can inwardly beam at their untapped power and stamina.

Firm. Shaky. Resolute. Brilliant. Fear. Persevering. Doing it anyway. Small and big. Verve, residing in hearts, rising and creating forward momentum. Courageous.