Thursday, July 28, 2011


As summer continues to amble along, I continue to amble with it. My mind is rich with thoughts and ideas, but they're not making their way onto paper (or blog post) much. So I'll share with you some images from our vacation--the lake leg of the trip. Hope summer is treating you well.

no. 1: the path to the lake


no. 2: contemplative slide perch


no. 3: carnival ferris wheel holding waving daughter and niece.

no. 4: my perch at the lake, aka: bliss on weathered wood
(yes, there's wine in that plastic cup)

no. 5: self-portrait


no. 6: newt gingrich waving at 4th of July parade


no. 7: ron paul supporters
(love their panache)


no. 8: seen the next day, titled bull-headed
(my attempt at political humor)


no. 9: my camera lens was dirty (thanks, Coppertone) but
I love the way the smear reflects the sun off their brass

no. 10: cows divided
(also-known-as my second attempt at political humor)

no. 11:
PS: What would Don Quixote make of these power wind mills in Iowa?
Would he fight them? Would he win?