Thursday, March 18, 2010


I love the way the seasons coexist and mingle this time of year, like often-missed but rarely seen friends at a cocktail soiree. The spring's warm sun drenches our vitamin-D starved bodies while winter's stalwart snow chills in the still-cool shade. The mud-drenched, raw-green scent of spring passes in a breeze and intertwines with an infusion of the rich, smokey scent of a still-burning fireplace.

The seasons stretch long-lost arms toward each other, knowing this encounter, although brief, will be repeated time again. They embrace and then say farewell. Winter turns its sights on the next and spring settles into the vacated seat, adorning tender buds and long stretches of golden, splendid sun.


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CaneWife said...

Beautiful post!

Found you through TMC Network and am following!

Happy spring!

Kelly said...

Very nice. Just wanted to say hello and wish you and your fam a lovely weekend!

Theta Mom said...

Beautiful girl!

And I love that I see you have a fellow TMC blogger commenting! LOVING TMC!!!