Monday, July 20, 2009

Lumpy Monday

Some days aren't nearly as good as others. Today, for instance, was kinda crappy. Lumpy. From the minute my feet hit the floor this morning, everyone seemed agitated. The agitation displayed itself in various forms of whining, crying and sassy tones. Defiance even entered the day's equation.

Abby, Henry and I have spent many days together and I think we all might be bugging the shit out of each other.

The day held blips of loveliness (listening, sunshine, manners, exploration and laughter) but many more lumps. That's just how some days roll. I guess it's how I know how to gauge a good day. When the sun set on this not-so-lovely day, I counted the fact that my children were slumbering among one of my blessings. But guess what. Henry wasn't really asleep. This is a kid that usually goes to sleep and doesn't wake up until the morn. But tonight's pinnacle boasted a ferocious tantrum that I'm quite sure all my mother's neighbors heard. Screaming, kicking and choking all because I left his room after he was asleep. Three times.

When I finally left Henry's room, a.k.a. Henry's House of Restlessness and Fatigue, he whispered to me, his scratchy voice still hoarse from screaming, "Momma, will you peease check on me?"

With one simple phrase, my son leveled the lumps of the day. Frustration washed away. Somehow, with one small question, Henry made my day.

I just finished checking on two beautiful, sleeping children. Long eyelashes resting on cheeks, bodies curled up and cozy under covers. Lumpy Monday is over. Much-Less-Crappy Tuesday is just around the corner.

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