Saturday, August 1, 2009

Highway and New Way

We're on a massive road trip--the family and I have been traveling for a month. All our belongings are packed and we're moving to a new state, a new city, a new adventure. We left the home we know and are en route to one we don't yet know. We drive from spot to spot, reconnecting with dear friends and family as we carve our new way home.

As I watch the white dashed lines of the highway tick by, I realize the irony of simultaneously getting further from home while also getting closer. Then an obvious thought, but an epiphany just the same: home is us, right here, on four wheels. The white lines are merely markers, paving the path we've chosen to take.

Comfort, friends and the-way-life-used-to-be get smaller in the rear view mirror; question marks and uncertainty try to loom ahead, but excitement and a smiling fresh start prevail.

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