Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nahnah Mama

Since our son got tubes in his ears about two months ago, his speech development has been phenomenal. His articulation and vocabulary grow on such a steep crescendo that I feel like I'm watching his brain synapse with each new word.

In the last two weeks, he started linking words together famously, like, "Buh bye Dis (Sis)" or "Nahnah Dada (night night Dada)". His words and rudimentary sentences are like an infant symphony, still crude but powerful in its ability to swell and move.

Tonight I nuzzled his sweet-smelling neck in the last moments before I put him down in his crib.

I said, "Night night, Henry, I love you."

He said, "Nahnah Mama. Nahnah Mama."

This was the first time he ever uttered those words to me. I almost choked on my raw reaction to his beautiful, verbal sentiment. I left the room, listening to his sweet song, "Nahnah Mama." I whispered, "Night night, Henry" in reply.

"Nahnah Mama" he's still repeating as I type.

Goodnight, my sweet symphonic prince. I love you.

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