Monday, April 4, 2011

Drunk on Fresh Air

Sunlight finds her muse in
Winter's protected luminosity
Resplendently opening arms to

She's come again
Kissing their cheeks
Tousling their hair
Spring weaving warmth and chills

April's shade held firmly hostage
by winter's embrace
Stalwart, returning on twilight dusk

Buoyant youth rejoicing on
Heralding the retreating
Vestiges of winter

Tipsy from the sweet nectar
of Spring's perennial promise

Running, screaming, laughing, sliding, swinging coats
scarcely hanging on
A blurred kaleidoscope of
Frenetic, pent-up aspiration

Barely perceptible green hues
Secretly whispering
Her return yielding


Anonymous said...

This is stunning!

My favourite part:
A blurred kaleidoscope of
Frenetic, pent-up aspiration


Justine said...

This is gorgeous, Denise. Love the images of the waning winter and the delightful return of spring that fills us with so much life and longing. Can't wait to read more from you.

ayala said...

I love this, Denise. Beautifully written.

KLZ said...

Oh, I need spring so badly. I swear winter has decided not to leave Chicago this year.

Christa said...

Gorgeous. And so true to life...

Thank you...

Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri said...

Love the imagery here. I am in a serious poetry phase right now and love how you weave the words.

Amanda said...


The word verification on this was: shesid, which just seems so close to she said. Lovely.

Alita said...

This is a breath of fresh air in itself.