Friday, January 28, 2011

What's in a Name?

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about my blog's name. Musings de Mommy perfectly suited this space when I started writing here years ago. But I sense that my words and posts are evolving, changing...they're not just about motherhood. Yes, that's still a big part of my life, and therefore it shapes my writing content. Technically, I'll always be a mother who muses.


I think I'm ready for a new name. One that more broadly captures what I do here, in this space. I have some ideas. Inspired by Aidan's post asking for name suggestions for her soon-to-arrive baby girl, I'd love to hear from you. If you were going to name this blog...what would you call it? Would you help me?

A few words about my blog:

I write about my daily journey. About the unique paradoxical nature of life. I explore the triumphs and challenges with my children, and sometimes, if he's really lucky, my Hubby. I write because I have's become as necessary as breathing. I write about my challenges as I try to stay present in this moment, the very one I inhabit, right NOW. I write about my emotions. About trees and shadows and the seasons. I share my thoughts about the ebb and flow of life...the darkness that necessarily, predictably precedes the light.

(P.S. I must admit that this whole name-change notion makes me nervous. How will people find me? Is it silly to change now? Will I change my twitter account? Will people know that it's me??? If you've been through this process, I'd also love to hear your advice and strategies. Please?? And Thank You (in advance).)


Katrina said...

Ah - it is a bit stressful, isn't it? As you know, I recently changed mine from "being 30something" to "figuring out 40".

Here's my one tip for ensuring that people will find you - buy a domain name. With a domain of, it really doesn't matter what my blog is called!

Anonymous said...

When I changed my name over a year ago it was a big pain in the butt, but all worked out for the best. So I say, if it feels right, go for it.

It took me a lot of thinking to come up with something that worked...and I'm not good with this kind of stuff. I've also found it's highly personal.

But I've got my thinking cap on...and I'm looking at all your descriptors to try to tease out a suggestion or two.

I keep coming back to ebb and flow...that suits you. I'm not sure what would work, but it has to have something to do with that. Hmmmm. Thinking

Lindsey said...

So ... I think this is a good idea! If you're feeling it, that is. I think you should go back and read some of your favorite posts and see if a phrase or an image pops out - I'm going trawling through your archives to see what I find now. xox

Christa said...

Hmmm... I think of you as Denise. Truth be told, I tend to get all the blogs with Mommy/Mama in the title confused, so Denise it has been from day one.

And it hasn't been that long, so I will have to look back at some posts, too. The words "Denise" and "Daily" do something for me, but it isn't very subtle, is it?

Anonymous said...

I think this is an exciting next step on which I know you've been ruminating for a while. Trust your gut re: the name thing. But just to join in the naming game I'll throw out... "Write Now" or "My Musings" or "More than Mommy" but actually Lindsey's suggestion is the one that may make you most happy.