Friday, November 5, 2010

Check List

1. Change my sheets yesterday. Check.
2. Make prediction to hubby that Henry is getting sick. Check.
3. Enjoy fresh sheets while sleeping last night. Check.
4. Wake up to pathetic, sick little boy whose tummy huwt and ear huwt. Check.
5. Proof of huwt tummy all over sheets. Check.
6. Strip previously fresh sheets, my pajamas and his pajamas for washing. Check.
6. Wash Henry and me. Check.
7. Repeat. Check.

1. Grateful we possess health insurance to go to the doctor. Check.
2. Grateful I have a working washer and dryer to clean up said messes. Check.
3. Grateful that I am here, caring for my sick son. Double check.


IASoupMama said...

Uh-oh... Hope he's feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I applaude you trying to see a silver lining for this one though. We're running through a nasty respiratory virus here. No fun? Check!

Anonymous said...

We don't have tummy problems over here, just snot ALL OVER THE HOUSE. What is it with babies not wanting you to wipe the snot off? I think she prefers to smear it all over her head.

And hey, nice work having gratitude amidst it all!

Aging Mommy said...

We've had runny noses and bugs for two weeks but I'd rather that than stomach flu. It took about two weeks for me to be able to walk into our laundry room and not catch a faint whiff of the smell of vomit after my daughter went down with it one night this spring.

I hope your little boy is better soon and that no one else catches it.

Denise said...

Thanks guys. Poor guy hasn't eaten since yesterday and continues to vomit. AND has a raging ear infection. And Aging Mommy...I was just in my laundry room, laughing at the piles and piles of sick laundry.