Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Plunging in Boston

I traveled to Boston this past weekend to Karen Maezen Miller's Mother's Plunge Retreat. I went, not truly knowing. And I returned. Knowing...that not knowing is fabulous. Raw. True. And ok.

Karen discouraged us from taking notes. Being an ardent note-taker and writer, honoring this request challenged me. How will I remember? How will I return to these truths without the permanent talisman of Karen's words, etched into paper? She said that whatever we need will come to us, whenever we need it. And that in order to be present, here Now, I, needed to have my heart in hand, not a pen.

Karen filled the room with her ancient truth, heralding the knowledge we all have but sometimes miss. Or misplace. She introduced herself, and shared that an introduction is a beautiful way to start. She is beautiful, warm and wears the sun on her face.

The day, the weekend, the shimmering strands of the verity, lighten and fill me. I am, for the first time in months, able to introduce myself to myself, and recognize who I see.

I see me.

Right now.

I got to see some friends, Corinne and Lindsey, too.

I'm pleased to tell you: I consider myself one of those friends, too.

And some new spirits I am so glad to have met. Jenna. Katrina (and when Katrina read, oh my did I cry). And my sitting neighbor, Katrina. And Tracy.

With the resonance of a mystic secret and the levity of a child's laugh, I am full. And I look forward to the awakening of all the truths and I embrace knowing that I don't know when they will unfold. I'll have faith that they will enlighten when they should. I will breath in. I will exhale...and let go.


Katrina said...

this Katrina is glad to have met you :)
(pic of you on my blog!)

Lindsey said...

Don't know what to say since the day was beyond my ability to really articulate it ... but seeing you, not just Saturday but Friday night for a REAL visit on the couch.... heaven. xox

Anonymous said...

Time Management equals Zen Management!

Corinne said...

It was so much.
And so good be there with you.

Katrina Kenison said...

The OTHER Katrina here, equally grateful to have met you and to have recognized, instantly, a kindred spirit. Thank you for reflecting the day back to us -- all of these blog posts are a collage of the words and memories that linger now, days later.

Anonymous said...

So sad I missed. This would have fed my soul in a way that I crave right now. Alas, I had to feed my sould with my husband. And that was equally good. So glad it was all that you hoped. And slightly jealous that you got to see Lindsey and Corinne.