Friday, April 9, 2010

What's in my Bag? Which One?

Lindsey at A Design So Vast tagged me in the "What's in Your Bag" meme. What fun! A blog entry devoted entirely to the inner workings of a person's purse and pshyche (which I personally believe you glimpse when you peer into someone's bag, or, as my late grandma would say, pocketbook).

Full disclosure: I am a purse whore. I adore purses. Brightly colored ones, suit-case sized ones, supple leather ones, functional ones, timeless ones. I have an entire shelf in my closet dedicated to purses. (And wallets.) Shameful? Absolutely. Enjoyable? Ab-so-stinkin'-lutely.

So here's the lovely exterior of my current bag-de-jour:

And here's the peek inside my most private life:

The flowered bag, (a Liberty of London gift from my best friend), holds 4 lipsticks, 4 lip glosses and one lip liner. Tweezers and nail file. Pony tail holder and bobby pins. Pill box (you don't get to know what's in there). Hand lotion, hand sanitizer. Flushable wipe. ChapStick (like Lindsey, I'm an addict. But my poison is Medicated ChapStick--I keep them stashed all throughout my car, house and life).

Coupons. Wet Ones. Grocery list. Wallet (which makes me happy every time I see it smiling at me from the dredges of my bag). Sunglass case. Smooshed crumbs (a lovely combo of Goldfish, granola bars and pretzels. I'd like to blame my children for all those crumbs....)

Trusty uni ball black pen, notebook and my Droid.

I'm a neat-nick. (Stop rolling your eyes at me.) Really, I am. But my purse is one spot where I roll with the mess. Until I can't (like now, after exposing my messiness to the world), and I clean it out with vigor.

So come on, what's in your bag? I bag tag:


marymac said...

I'm scared. That is all.

Heather said...

Seeing this meme being done all over the place terrified me. So I cleaned out my nasty bag. I'm prepared :)

Seriously. It was SO bad. I wasn't even sure what some of the stuff at the bottom WAS. True story. Ew.

Peggy said...

OK, I'll bite. I'm actually bit of a neat freak anyhow. Lip balm, wallet, coin purse, keys, sunglasses, antibacterial handwipes (ever the dutiful LifeLogic supporter), old grocery store receipt, iPhone, pantyliners, a couple of napkins. Not that exciting really, but I guess that's because I like to switch bags often.

marymac said...

Ok, so I did my homework, MOM! ;)

It was fun- thanks for tagging me!