Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mother Earth

Oh Earth, with your impressive girth, spinning round each day. Supporting tender lives, leafy trees, coursing rivers, brain synapses and tumultuous oceans. You give a place for resting, loving, learning, growing, living and dying.

Each miracle so profound--and you modestly sustain each one, every day. You graciously provide a canvas for my days and nights, each moment of my life. Soaking my tears, absorbing my frustrated stomps, launching my dreams, celebrating my success and calming my fears by just being present, always solid and dependable.

I'm sorry for the times I've glossed over your gifts and bounty. Thanks for your patience when my eyes wouldn't see--and thank you for continually supplying a wondrous spectacular each day.

A garden plot. A lifting breeze. Cascading sunshine.

I adore the way you embrace your woman's prerogative, and privilege, to change your mind in an instant, providing a kaleidoscope of variables.
Thank you for the soulful mountains and hypnotic, rhythmic oceans. And thanks for the perch you provide for me to ponder the night stars. I am awed by your cool reserves of sanctity, piercing brilliance and graceful strength. Happy Earth Day, Earth.


Lindsey said...

PS I love the double tee myself! :)

Musingsdemommy said...
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