Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lunch Box

My temperamental three-year-old Henry has delighted me with his patience and joy today. We just returned home from a tantrum-free trip to the grocery store--which NEVER happens. I feel so zen and calm after this tear-and-scream-free trip that it feels like the grocers served Martinis at check-out and on aisle 12.

After we happily put away all the food, I hopped onto my computer. I heard thuds and grunts and something being zipped up. I walked into the kitchen to find Henry zipping up his lunch box. I figured he'd tell me he'd packed a "lunch" for school tomorrow consisting of pretzels and Oreos. But instead, he opened his lunch box and showed all of my wrist and ankle weights. When I asked what he was doing, I received this reply,

"I'm zippering this up. I'm packing for college. I have to take this to college."

Tears sprung to my eyes. My heart lurched and ached--I know, as all mothers do, that my time with my children is finite. Moments like these shine a harsh light on that reality. Henry then turned to leave for "college", lunch box in hand. Luckily, before he left the room, he said,

"Come on Mom, you have to come with me." Heart healed just a bit. God I love that little boy.


Jodie said...

I had a very similiar moment w/my 8yo son a few years ago. He did inform me that I would be going to college with him so I didn't panic. He'll realize soon enough that he will be fine without me, he'll actual prefer it but for now I'm in his suitcase.

Marie said...

Reminds me of my six-year-old daughter who told me that she would go to Findlay College (when we were living in Findlay, OH) so that she wouldn't have to leave home! After three moves to different cities in two different states, she went to college in yet another state!

marymac said...

VERY sweet post! (sniff!)
Thank God for the tiny moments in motherhood that make it all worth it!

Lauren said...

Great blog, D. Made me smile and think about our boys really going off to college. Ah...thankfully, that won't be for some time.