Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

When I'm submerged in my life, as I always am, I find it difficult to truly see my life. Some days, I wish I could leave my body and view my life from outside of me. What would I covet about my life? What would I edit?

Today, Henry and I patronized one of my favorite destinations in the world, Target. Ahhh, Target, like a siren beckoning me home. A popcorn combo and we're in stride, perusing the aisles, sipping Diet Coke and hunting for the perfect tidbit on the 75% off clearance rack. Spidey PJ bottoms for $2.50! The softest t-shirt imaginable for $1.79!

We paid for our finds and left. After buckling Henry into his car seat, I returned our shopping cart (buggy to my southern pals) to the cart return. As I walked back to my car, I stopped. I don't know if the wind changed, or if the cold steeped in my brain for too long, but everything (my minivan, my open door, my son in the backseat) looked new. I stared. I stared at those items (and that boy) as if they belonged to someone else. "Man," I whispered to myself, "I'd love it I if were going to that life."

The wind whipped again. A smile spread across my face and into my soul. Lucky me. Wish granted.


Stephanie said...

The book section of Target is like heaven to me. I need to stay FAR FAR away!
BTW, it's me Stephanie from the kiddos pre-school!

Denise said...

Hey Stephanie!! Thanks for visiting!