Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sickness descended on our healthy home. Henry's profile: sick with purple/blue bags under his eyes, a cough that makes him sound like he polishes off 2 packs a day, stomach troubles and a rising temp. Poor guy. He's absolutely pathetic but still amazingly resilient. So resilient, in fact, that he turned sickbay into the super heroes lounge. First, the Rescue Heroes abolished a boredom coup. A fireman donned his jacket and extinguished rising fevers. Then, Captain America chilled on the couch, signing along (cough cough) with the Backyardigans (wheeze wheeze). He even coordinated his cherry-red fever cheeks his uniform. Who knew the Captain was so fashion-forward and musically inclined?

After a dose of Motrin (which thankfully either contains caffeine, kid crack or a very strong placebo affect because H always feels better after a dose), we prepare for Day Three of Sickness. Here's hoping that Wonder Woman can spin (insert sound effects here) another day of super-human patience.


ModernMom said...

Oh so hard when they are sick! Hope he is better soon:)

Existential Waitress said...

I hate the sickies! No fun at all! Here's to a quick recovery. :)