Thursday, February 12, 2009


Henry woke up at 11:30 pm crying for Mommy. I went to him and found a red-cheeked, fevery boy. Take temperature? Check. Clean diaper? Check. Give Motrin? Check. Jammies off? Check. (Henry likes to be naked, especially when feverish.) He wanted to sleep with Mama, so off to the big bed we went.

An hour later I awoke to the sounds of choking. Luckily, I brought the sick bucket with us. Sick sick sick. Then some more. Clean sheets? Check. Clean child? Check. Prayer of gratitude for sick buckets? Check. Helicopter? Negative.

From the dark I heard, “Mommy, I wan my hewicockter.”

I zigged back to Henry’s room, procured his hewicockter and zagged back. Favorite toy? Check. No more vomit? Check. Happy child? Check.

Wide awake mama? Double check.

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