Tuesday, January 6, 2009


“Mommy, does a sea horse have a back bone?” – Abby

“Mommy, where did your penus go?” – Henry

“This is the best Christmas EVER!!” – Abby

“CHEETOS!!!” – Henry

“Mommy, when will Henry start wearing panties, too?” – Abby

“Honey, will you shave my neck?” – Hubby

“Mommy, I wan a put underwear on my penus.” – Henry

“Why?” – Henry

“It’s not fair!” – Abby

"Wipe your bum affer you go poo poo in the potty. Do it now!" - Henry

“Why, Mommy?” – Henry

“Why no have another gum ball?”
(My answer about excess and sugar follows.)
“Why no have another gum ball?”
“Why no have another gum ball?”
“Why no have another gum ball?” – Henry

(He’s just dying for me to say it, isn’t he?)

“Because.” – Me
“Why?” – Henry
“Because I SAID SO!!!!” – Me (Yet another proud parenting moment.)

“Can you stop the car so I can find my gum balls?” – Abby

“Henry, you’re crazy.” – Abby

"Why?' - Henry

“Come on Henry, let’s go play in the ice!” – Abby

“Wuv you too, Mommy.” – Henry

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MaFerron said...

my favorite is your husband's request...