Monday, December 8, 2008

Moments of the Season

As a mother, I cherish it all:

Hugging Henry while his diaper is poop-filled and his face is covered with Abby’s kiwi mango melon lip gloss.

Tripping on Henry’s intricate trail of choo choo train tracks which have used my dresser for topographical interest.

Negotiating with Abby about how many red, green and silver Hershey’s kisses are really too many (while internally apologizing to her for passing down the “I-must-have-chocolate” gene).

Dashing down the driveway with Henry in search of the leaf blower that is “making dat noiwse”.

Receiving an early morning visit from a coughing daughter, snuggling in close and tight.

Reading a book to Henry and drifting off to sleep while his warm, just-washed head is nuzzled into mine.

Laughing with Abby while making our coveted Buckeyes about super-silly things which still elicit giggling in my heart.

Hanging Christmas lights with Henry's help which includes his standing on the last step of the step stool so I can't step down.

Realizing with a saddened heart that this might be the last Christmas that Abby innocently believes in Santa.

Rejoicing that Henry is just learning about that right jolly old elf.

Looking forward to helping Abby realize that Santa always lives in the hearts of those who truly believe.

Giving thanks for each moment this season brings.

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