Tuesday, October 21, 2008


While Henry and I sat in his glider reading books, we heard the nursery rhyme songs of Abby and Daddy dancing through the hallway and into our space. Henry said,

“Sissy singing?”

“Yes, sweet boy, Sissy singing.”

He hugged me. We finished Goodnight, Gorilla, and cuddled our way over to his crib. Henry snuggled in, cooing sweet nothings to himself.

No screaming, no scratching, no tantrum, no crying.

I padded over to Abby’s room to join and enjoy the evening wrap up. She read us Hop On Pop—I was mesmerized listening to her practice her newly acquired skill. (We’re still working on Constantinople and Timbuktu….)

A wonderful nightcap. A blissful, goodnight reprieve.

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